This is my home, my castle fair… Friday, Feb 26 2010 

Heads up!
Soon the [rQ]Animation will no longer be part of the [rQ]Brand,
as for Magica Moonites is not my alt.
She will open her own store as a NEW Brand! …still under construction.

I’ll keep you updated.

Skin: [rQ]Design ~ ss-TYPE.o6-G.o6/w.PIERCING
Hair: [rQ]Design ~ [rQ]Vanity~pitchONYX

Outfit: >>ROOTS<<00O10001
Collar: [rQ]Design ~ [rQ]Belted Collar

[rQ]Fuuma Shuriken Sunday, Feb 21 2010 

Not only a Weapon, but also great Unique Accessory!
Pick up a *DEMO inworld!

Right Hand Melee Weapon+Right Leg Holster Belts
GM, DCS², CCS, FFRC and similar
Custom Animations and Sounds!

The weapon comes with Copy & MOD perms! (permits you to add your own favorite enhancement script)
Both the weapon and the Holster Belts include resize script.

…and Matching Accessories Sunday, Feb 21 2010 

Belted Collar (2Attachment Points: Spine and Chest), resize script included.

Belted WristL&Leg Wraps, resize script included.
Outfit by >>ROOTS<<

(More details are to be found in the Weapons Direction )

Funny Valentines Saturday, Feb 13 2010 

Don’T break my Heart!

Shape: ss-TYPE.o3-Envy by [rQ]Design
Skin: ss-TYPE.o6-Gluttony by [rQ]Design
Hair: [rQ]Low(F)~ONYX by [rQ]Design

Love Hurts Knife: >>ROOTS<<00A10019 (Chest Attachment)

Turn about… Sunday, Feb 7 2010 

Don’T let your mood swings take over. Can you?

Skin: [rQ]Design ~ ss-TYPE.o3/Envy
Hair: [rQ]Design ~ [rQ]Angst~ONYX

Dress: >>ROOTS<<00D10010
Jacket: -=UZURI=- Biker Jacket – Black
Gloves: [KS] ~ [KS] Delta Cuddle Gloves
Underwear and Tights: *Sheer*

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