Prices Down @ redQueen Wednesday, Jul 13 2011 

( R E D ) Q U E E N  ~ ( F A S H I O N )
Location: Magic Isle
Welcoming the fusion with (red)Mint,
redQueen’s prices will likely arrive just in time for summer vacation.
Shopping starts here!
For a limited time redQueen’s prices drop up to 50% of all items.
Further info, please join the ( R E D ) M I N T: SL Group

Designs at redQueen can best be described as Messed-up, Urban, Role Play, Mystic.
-> see the Store

Happy Hollidays with ( R E D ) M I N T Tuesday, Dec 21 2010 

PROMO!  Christmas Discounts 50% OFF
on the Marked items!
Brand new Skin-line for Men and Women, Humans and Fantasy creatures.

Awesome realistic body detail, several makeup options.
Don’t miss it!

> TP to the Store

Stack Tuesday, Dec 7 2010 

NEW Hair by redQueen! (the Hair comes with a HUD Control for the Hat, Resize, Modify and Copy Perms)

Skin: [rQ]Design ~ ss-TYPE.o6/Envy
Shape: [rQ]Design ~ ss-TYPE.o6/Envy
Hair: [rQ]Design ~ [rQ]Stack~ONYX
Outfit: >>ROOTS<<

Reject Tuesday, Oct 26 2010 

NEW Hair by redQueen

Shape: [rQ]Design ~ ss-TYPE.o6/Gluttony
Skin: [rQ]Design ~ ss-TYPE.o6/Envy
Hair: [rQ]Design ~ [rQ]Reject~Onyx/Sterling

Shirt: >>ROOTS<<00T10035 (Casual Shirt)
Corset: >>ROOTS<<00C10035 (Underbust Corset)
Gloves: >>ROOTS<<00T100005 (Uplift Top)
Jeans: >>ROOTS<<00J10011 (Grunge Jeans)
Heels: >>ROOTS<<00H10012 (Belted Stiletto High Heels)

Chaos Sunday, Oct 17 2010 

is a friend of mine…

Skin: [rQ]Design ~ ss-TYPE.o6/Envy
Shape: [rQ]Design ~ ss-TYPE.o6/Envy
Hair:[rQ]Design ~ [rQ]Stack~ONYX

Outfit: >>ROOTS<<

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